Saturday 18 July 2009

All done !

After 4006 miles, 15 days, at an average of 43mph and 32.4mpg... We are home ! We really enjoyed the travel, met lots of wonderful people, ate some really good food along the way and introduced ourselves to parts of Europe we had never seen before... The highs ? Perhaps Lake Garda... The lows ? Other than the drive home, probably the motel we had to stop in due to a bad call on the planned accomodation. We are both sat here now dazed, having a sandwich and looking at the garden.... Thanks for following our Honeymoon Blog !

Friday 17 July 2009

Back in Kent

Safely home in England, just need to remember to drive on the correct side of the road ;-)

Another break

Filling station soup for me and a salad for Lesley, the French services do seem to be better equiped, not significantly, but enough to make them useful. The Autoroutes are practically empty, although the toll bill at Calais should be quite large ;-)

Making good progress

Eating away at the miles to Calais, stopping every couple of hours to avoid a rerun of earlier this week. Should make the tunnel by 7:30pm. Just seen a tail wagging accident right on front of us, thankfully no one was injured but their car was a real mess... The driver did well not to get into a real pickle but again, going to fast for towing... Anyways, back to the road...

Thursday 16 July 2009

The last night away... Almost ;-)

Sat on the side of Lake Geneva in a small reasort called Thonon-les-Bains, sun just gone down over the far side of the lake, it's still in the high 20's, Lesley is having a Ceasar Salad, I'm having the best burger ever, there is live music, I'm having a local beer... Do we have to come back ?????

Yvoire for lunch

Caught a light lunch in a little place on the southern shore of Lake Geneva. It's really warm again today and I've finally got my shorts on ;-)

Lazy day...

Trying to get motivated to get up and ready, but the place we are staying has slipped us both into laid back relaxed mode... Might do something later ;-)