Wednesday, 1 July 2009

So where are we going ?

OK, so you want to know where we are staying ? I've shown the general area near to where we are staying, so you get a better idea without having to look places up on Google Maps ;¬)

3rd July - Our Wedding - Fischers Baslow Hall
4th July - Dover - The Marquis
5th July - Normandy - Ferme de la Ranconniere
6th July - Brittany - Le Manoir de Roch ar Brini
7th July - La Rochelle - Le Clos de la Garenne
8th July - Pau - Clos Mirabel
9th July - Perpignan - Auberge du Roua
10th July - Frejus - La Maurette
11th July - Asti - La Granica
12th & 13th July - Lake Garda - Dimora Bolsone
14th July - Lugano - Locanda Del Giglio
15th & 16th July - Lake Geneva - La Ferme Aux Ours
17th July - Dover - The Marquis (again)

Then home, washing, shopping, reality, work... grrr...

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